Section S Covid-19 Emergency Subsidy Changes

DHS will waive copayments for all families who receive subsidies for April 1st 2020 through the end of August 2021. 

DHS has waived copayments for all families who receive subsidies for April 2020 through August 2021. If a copayment has been collected from a family for anytime since April 1, 2020, a refund to the family is required. The Provider Web and the POS machine will show $0 family share copays.

In order to complete this change, copayments are being waived on the payment EBT system. Notice of Action letters will show a copayment, based on case information. This is for reference purposes for the family as to what their copayment will be when collected again in the future. Use of the Provider Web and POS machine will indicate the $0 family share copayment.

Place holding fees may no longer be charged to or accepted from families who receive subsidies effective immediately. 

Refunds on any place holding fees that have been collected prior to April 15th, 2020 are not required.

Families receiving subsidies may continue to use child care even if working from home or have lost employment. 

Child Care is both a work support for parents and a child development program, thus quality, stable placements in which children can continue to grow and learn are critical.  More information on client eligibility can be found in Section C: Understanding Client Eligibility.

Additional $5/day added for each day of care for each child for April 1st through the end of August 2021.

Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) is temporarily increasing the daily subsidy rate by $5 per eligible child for the months of April 1st through the end of August 2021. This additional $5 per day of care will be automatically added for each child in addition to the already authorized amounts.

Temporary moving of POS machines.

Guidance on recording attendance on POS machines during COVID-19

  1. Please remember you have some flexibility in how often parents must swipe.  Parents have up to 10 days from the date of attendance to record swipes.  You can set up a plan to stagger the days in which parents complete swipes.
  2. You have permission to disconnect the POS machine from the phone line and move the machine to an external location where parents can record swipes.  However, the machine must be plugged into an electrical source.  This will allow for the swipes to be stored in the machine.  When you plug the machine back into the phone line the swipes will transmit. For example, if parents are required to pick up children at their vehicles, you can use an extension cord to allow for swipes outside.
  3. You have permission to move the POS machine to an office or some other space where care is not provided.  If there is not a phone line in the alternate space, you can store the swipes on the machine as long as there is an electrical source.

Remember: A provider is still to never be in possession of a client’s EBT card or PIN.

Please ensure that even with the temporary move of POS machines, that they are connected to a land line periodically so that attendance information can be transmitted to allow for timely payments to continue. You can always check this transmission on the Provider Web.

Effective April 1st

Rate increased for 1 star, 3 star and Special Needs. (1+ and 2 star were not included as they were previously issued increases when these other groups were not).

Rate increases for child care subsidy were approved and will be effective 04/01/2020. You can view the new C-4-B Child Care Provider Rate Schedule online.

More information on the Special Needs Rate can be found in Section D: Rates and Unit Types.

Effective April 1st through August 2021, all blended rates will be coded as weekly rates

All blended rates will be coded as weekly rates.

All child care authorizations that are coded as Blended rates (both traditional and extended calendar rates) will be automatically switched and paid at Weekly rates beginning 04/01/2020 through August 2021.

You can find more information about Weekly Rates and absent day payments in Section D: Rates and Unit Types.

Weekly authorization information is also available on the C-4-B Child Care Provider Rate Schedule.

School age children who attend part-time will be reimbursed at a full time rate. 

To assist child care providers, school age children who attend part-time will be reimbursed at a full time rate through August 2021.  For children who need before and after school care, 4 swipes per day will be required.  There will not be any changes to absent day policies.  Children must attend the minimum number of full time days in the month in order to receive absent day payments.  (Part-time days paid at a full time rate do not count towards the minimum number days required for absent day payments.)  Accurate time and attendance must continue to be recorded on the POS machine in order to prevent an overpayment.

Providers have the option of only requiring an “in” swipe on those days that part-time before and after school care is needed.  Part-time is 4 hours or less per day.  These part-time days will pay at the full time rate.  However, you still have the option to require 4 swipes if you choose.

Child Care Stabilization Funds

Childcare providers will not be required to submit an application. Payments will be disbursed to licensed providers automatically based on their Star rating and active status by September 15, 2020. If you have questions about the Child Care Stabilization Funds payment, please contact Child Care Services by email at

Virtual learning or distance learning fees

Fees associated with distance or virtual learning are not allowable for families who receive child care subsidies.

As always, contact us with any questions you may have about your subsidy contract:

You can also utilize Section K: Who To Call of this handbook for other related questions.