Section K Who to Contact

When to Contact the Provider Help Desk


  • To report POS or equipment problems
    • The POS equipment is not working
    • The time is wrong
    • The printing on the tape is too light
  • To ask questions about how to access your reports
  • To ask questions about how to resolve error messages on the POS machine
  • To ask for additional provider training on usage of the POS machine
  • To ask questions about the Provider Web

The Help Desk operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You may be referred to someone else, but this is the central point to collect information.

You should also have been issued a handbook entitled “EBT Day Care Provider Operations Manual” which you should refer to for problem solutions. The manual includes what error codes mean and what each transaction on the POS machine can do. This manual is also located on the Provider Web under the DHS Provider Manual link.


For questions related to your 1099 tax form.

When to Contact Finance – Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) / Child Care Claims (405) 626-6201

  • When you have questions about your EBT payments
  • When you have questions about the Child Care Claim Form, a manual claim
  • When you have questions about garnishments or overpayments charged against you by DHS
  • When you need to report incorrect information has been transmitted by the POS and it was not voided within 10 days
  • When the POS equipment has not been installed within 10 days of notifying the EBT contractor
  • To ask questions about how to read your reports

When to Contact EBT Contractor Conduent


  • To discuss the Conduent contract for the POS equipment
  • To ask for a POS machine to be delivered
  • To ask for a Direct Deposit Form for payments
  • To update banking information
  • To report POS or equipment problems
  • To arrange the return of the POS Machine

When to Contact the OUCPM Help Desk

(405) 325-6257 or 1-866-237-2127

When to Contact the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

(405) 522-5880

  • If you have questions concerning the audit of your child care home or center, ask for the Internal Audit Unit for Child Care Subsidy
  • If you wish to make a complaint alleging possible fraud on the part of a child care client or a child care provider, call 1-800-784-5887 (toll free) and ask to speak with the Complaint Duty Agent.

When to Contact Adult and Family Services (AFS) Child Care Subsidy

(405) 521-3431

  • Child care policy or procedural questions
  • Questions concerning provider contracts
  • Report changes in type of business entity, ownership, or facility (changing from a home to a center or vice versa) at least 30 days in advance of the change occurring
  • Questions about applying for a new contract, email: or call, (405) 521-3431.

When to Contact the Local DHS Caseworker

The family’s case worker is always the first person at DHS you should call if you have problems with the request for care and/or authorization for a child.

To contact the worker in the county office, go to the DHS Contact Us web page.

If you cannot get in contact with or resolve the issue with the case worker, DHS operates under a “chain of command” system. You can seek help in the following order:

LEVEL 1 County Office

  1. Worker
  2. Worker’s supervisor
  3. Field Manager

LEVEL 2 Regional Office

  1. Regional Deputy Director

LEVEL 3 State Office

  1. AFS Child Care Subsidy

REMEMBER: the State Office is the last place you call, talk to all possible contacts at the county office first.

When to Call Child Care Services

(405) 521-3561 or 1-844-834-8314

  • Obtaining licenses and permits
  • Update your information
    • address
    • phone numbers
    • email address
    • name changes
  • Questions regarding child care requirements
    • license issues
    • monitoring and complaints

When to Call Reaching for the Stars Program

(405) 522-0256 or 1-800-347-2276

  • Information on the Stars program
    • obtaining your Star status
    • changing your Star status

When to Call Adult/Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline


  • Report suspected abuse or neglect

Who to contact about an EIN (Employer Identification Number)

Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online