This section last updated on Jul 3, 2024

Introduction Welcome to the handbook!

This handbook was created as a reference tool to help you understand your role as a contracted child care provider. It contains important information on maintaining your contract in good standing, keeping required records, getting paid, understanding client eligibility, and obtaining help if problems arise.

You can easily navigate to any part of the handbook by clicking on the appropriate section tab on the left of the screen. It is mobile friendly, you can bookmark this handbook on your phone for easy access. In addition, links are available throughout the handbook to take you to different webpages, or DHS forms and appendices.

You should thoroughly explore the contents of this handbook and use it as a continuing resource. Updates are made often.

If you have any questions about the information contained in this handbook, don’t hesitate to email Child Care Subsidy at or call at (405) 521-3431.

Email is the preferred method of contact. Please make sure your email address is updated with your licensing worker.

Important information is distributed through the Child Care Services email ListServ. You can sign up or change your settings for the ListServ here:

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