Section R Provider Web (EBT Child Care Provider System)

The Provider Web is a useful tool that you should use frequently.

The Provider Web can be used to access:

  • Payment Calendar
  • Payment Reports
  • Children’s Authorization information
  • Special Needs Rate Request form
  • Various Reports for attendance
    • Today’s Exceptions
    • Today’s Attendance – Summary and Detail
    • Monthly Activity with Absent Days – Summary and Detail
    • Previous 10-day Exceptions
    • Previous 10-day Attendance – Summary and Detail
    • Weekly Reconcile – Summary and Detail
    • Provider Authorization Renewal Due report

For complete, detailed information about how to use the system, read the “EBT Day Care Provider Operation’s Manual.” If you would like a copy of this document please call the EBT help desk at 1-800-647-8533 to order and one will be mailed to you.

For Technical Assistance and Password Problems please call the EBT help desk at 1-800-647-8533.